Scuba Diving in Orange Beach & Gulf Shores Alabama

Thrilling underwater experiences, generous hospitality, and pristine beaches is the perfect blend of adventure, luxury and deep relaxation. Welcome to Orange Beach, your Ultimate tropical retreat in the turquoise and blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Scuba divers from all over the world come here to experience the company's legendary array of dives. This warm retreat in Alabama, with its mesmerizing marine environment, is simply irresistible and a hint of tropical adventure it's always in the air. One such adventure is to go on a dive cruise aboard our ship. It is indeed an exclusive experience that captures some of the beach’s unique maritime heritage. Guests on a scuba diving expedition get to see plenty of amazing sights. With a bit of certainty, you can come across playful dolphins. Encounters with one or more of these fascinating creatures are usually a daily occurrence on diving trips. It is little wonder then that, in recent years, scuba diving cruises have become one of the most popular holiday options.

Orange Beach has been selected as one the best cruise destination in North America. A dive cruise at orange beach allows guests to experience more than one region and relax as they chauffeured around the luscious tolls in style. Cruise Orange Beach cruise ships offer one of the most comfortable ways of experiencing the exciting sport of scuba diving. The climate means that air and water temperatures rarely drop to unfavourable levels. We are highly experienced and professional instructors who guide small groups of divers. Our accompanying boat is used as a floating dive base that drops divers and later picks up them right on top of the dive site. There's no lugging around heavy equipment or struggling to get back on the morning line at the end of the dive. But the best thing about diving at Orange Beach is, of course, the incredible underwater world that lies right beneath the surface.

LuLu offers a paradise to the professional diver and a tourist who is submerging for the first time. Experience world class diving that is unparalleled in excitement and pleasure. There are several diving spots at LuLu that will form an exquisite destination for someone out to grab the maximum adventure. We look forward to taking you through a beautiful bonding experience.

Pushed into the international spotlight, the Liberty Ships have sat on the throne as one of the top destinations in the world. Liberty Ships are synonymous with artificial reef; that rise boldly from the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. The drop in the dreamy world below is nothing short of a leap of faith. No sooner has the initial adrenaline rush subsides, that is replaced by another soothing yet powerful adrenaline stamina, as the seemingly endless blue water covers your entire vision. The artificial overhangs are carpeted with rainbow colors of soft and hard feelings. There is no doubt that the highlight of the scuba adventure is a view of the dolphins that are commonplace in our turf.

Celebrate the marvels of nature with other divers who have discovered the real secret of adventure at Oriskany. It has never been better, as it will inspire you to take the deepest challenge while guaranteeing your security and health. The simmering mass will leave even the plainest person with a rush of joy and gratitude. It is one of the few attractions in America that is both captivating and challenging. The waters are carefully monitored to ensure that they maintain their underwater magic and purity.

Duped the king of scuba diving of the Gulf of Mexico, Army Tanks, is celebrated for its prestige underwater marvels. Divers gather here to have the final experience of scuba diving. Relatively deeper, orange beach has a busy ecosystem that is worth your time. This dive sports team with the dolphins to form a perfect getaway for divers and tourists. Located in Alabama, Army Tanks promises one of the most memorable excursions. A common attraction of Army Tanks is the scores of dolphins that congregate on the surface, inviting you to join them. Sightings of these dolphins are a definite possibility and a guarantee for our services.

With all the trappings of a dream beach, Orange Beach is blessed with a diverse ecosystem, abundant dolphins and the Cruise Orange Beach. With us, your scuba diving excursion will be ingrained in your memory forever.